Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Be anything You want to be

Hello everyone ^_^
It has been a crazy busy week for me. 
With all the packing and unpacking it drains away all my creativity. 
We aren't even talking about my sore shoulder muscle and
physically pain from lifting furniture here.
Anyway it's now almost over with.
I just have a little more to knick knack stuff to unpack
 ( mostly scrapbooking supplies lol ) .
Lately I'm so enjoy crafting.
 It makes me think about this quote my dad always tell me since I was little 
" You can be anything you want to be " 
Yes he did told me that 
and now it has come true.
I'm in love with what I'm doing.
I can actually called myself a crafter.
It's what I always wanted to be !
Then I found this quote label sticker.
Just caught my eyes and make me want to make this card for a good friend of mine.
Just to encourage her to be what she always wanted to be instead of wasting time do a job that she hate.
On this card I use PINK shade from the Sweetest Things collection ( My minds eye )
It's a mini card. about 3"x 2"
Use brads set and add a little fringe glitter I cut from glitter tape.


Here is closer look.


Thank you so much everyone ! 
And don't for get 

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