Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for LIFE.

It's Thanks Giving tomorrow !!

I've been asking myself lately 

......What/who am I thankful to have in life ?

I'm thankful for my family, friends who's share love and life with me. I'm blessed to have all of you in my life.

I'm thankful for all the love I get and all the love I have to be giving to others.

I'm thankful for all the wrong decisions I've made they teach me lessons and help me become a better stronger person.

Most of all...Thanks to myself for enjoy living life and see beautiful things in some of the worst days in my life .


I went to ARC thrift store the other day to get some inspiration. There are so many things in that thrift store that I bought and use for my scrapbooking project. Some are vintage containers, some are cute little embellishments. The best part about this store is everything are so cheap !! 

I bought an old vintage dictionary for only $1.49 it's more than worth the money.

I was so excited when I see it. So perfect for a lots of my projects.

All the projects below are have a little touch of papers from vintage dictionary.


This first card it's a simple one just some buttons from October Afternoon Sidewalks.

It was a little tricky to sew that circles I adhered buttons on there first without thinking how I gonna sew them?  lol So I draw line around those buttons and sew circles around them make sure it's a little bit bigger than circle that I draw.

I called this " Marriage Tags" All those things are very important for a successful marriage.

I bough these shipping tag from Office Depot they are $7 for 100 tags good price but not really my favorite tho. Papers are too thin and I was having trouble getting them to be flat.

FYI : Took me about 5 tries to spell the word " FORGIVING " :P

This layout it's about my silly photo. I have way too many silly self portraits. It's kinda like one of skill set that I have since I knew how to take picture. I think I'll add " Taking silly self portrait " on my resume.

This layout using scrap peers from my scrap pile and some embellishments that I made using paper from old dictionary.

I'm not sure if anyone else having problem with OA sprinkler like I do but I always have trouble spray them. Gotta figure out how to fix that.

That's it for this week. Have a wonderful Thanks giving everyone !!



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