Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's time to do something !!

I have tons of photos in a photo box and keep talking myself out of scrapbooking them by silly reason which is " I don't have all my supplies " so today after lunch I decide to go to my heaven yes I mean Archiver's lol

There are more than enough supplies and tools that I could ever use !! I love how it's convenient that I can just walk into store from the work room and grab whatever I need.

So I finish 3 layouts in 2.30 hours I spent almost 4 hours there but I spent 1 hour wondering around store. Too many to choose from.

Just to show you that I make some progress while I'm there and and just didn't walking around the store pretend like I'm their employee. Here are evidence :P

There are so many tools that they allow you to use it for free and my favorite tools of all are all the circle scallop punches !! I have been wanting to get them in my procession but for some reason I didn't. they are so fun to use and you can use them for variety of embellishments

#1 My friend visit me from LA and we went to Moab taking lots of pictures but I really love this one because it's actually show our personality in it. I'd be a dummy silly one and she would be a mart one great pair lol

I use circle scallop punch and cut them in haft then layered them. I couldn't find a good place to journal because I wasn't thinking while i'm doing this layout lol when I less thinking I always come up with some thing cool so I journal around the layout :p

#2 It's not just orange juice it's the sweetest orange juice ever !! I was really sick during the night and when  woke up I saw this on my night stand "Imma lucky gal" sometimes you will know who care about you the most when you are sick.

On this layout I try to stay on just Pink and kraft phewww good thing Pink goes well with anythings lol so this layout is adorable as it could be.

 #3 This is my most favorite picture of the guys I love how they are looking to the same direction and you can literally imagine that they were talking about family future but no .. they are looking for a place that we can live when the Zombies Land's day are here. That's most common conversation in our family " What should we do if there are zombies every where ? " Blame it all on the Walking Dead.

This layout is about when we went to hiking in Boulder without water and it's 100 degree. ( one of us was 2LT with the Army ) good prepare ,eh ? We didn't last over 20 mins but I got lots of good shot from that trip tho.

On this layout I use bright and fun color just to reminded me how hot it was that day lol

That's it for today. 

FYI : If you are looking for a place to have your scrapbook layout taking photo I'd recomment Archiver's just make sure you have your layout stand not laying flat because you can get some shadow on them. 

xoxo : Natt  

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  1. nice job I wish we had an archivers

  2. Awesome layouts! Especially love the first one. Haha, I am the same way. If I am distracted in some way while scrapbooking - I end up accidentally coming up with ideas I would have never thought of if I were concentrating to hard.