Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life without digital camera.

Have you ever ask yourself how did you grow up without digital camera ?

I do....

Nowadays it's so easy for us to take pictures and capture moment in life but the question is are they all appreciated ?

Recently I reformatted my harddrive and for some reason I forgot to move over more than half of pictures and they disappeared. I almost cry. The advantage of having such a smart-ass hubby who's know almost everything about computer since they are invented and understand all 1 and 0 better than his wife words is he knew how I can get my photos back even though it had been emptied from the trash. Phewwwww he just safe my life but it cost $79 for  DATA recovery program and some argument lol Still didn't get all of them back since my hard drive was in another format so some of the JPEG files are broken still need to fix that T_T

Anyway, I was thinking about getting polaroid camera ( even though I got one at home  ) because sometimes I feel like how many pictures am i actually need ?

People could live without digital camera before so It won't be too hard to live with out one with the exception of iPhone that I still need it by my side.

So the hunt for polaroid camera is on !!

Let's see what I found yesterday.

#1 This fun curvy looking is $2.99 it's so light with a handle on the side.

#2 One step Polaroid vintage looking with sleek design lol

#3 Polaroid Spectra system It's very compact compare with all of above.

The result is I didn't get any of above camera because while I was wandering around with those polaroid cameras I hop on eBay real quick to see how much the film cost for those cameras turn out the film are way too expensive !! So I gave up and going back to use my DSLR.

But I ended up with one Polaroid camera anyway because I happened to found this lovely pink Cool Cam Polaroid camera. Who's doesn't love pink ?

Lovely isn't it ? 

I really want to carry it everywhere with me but since it's  need some films and I'm not going to buy them .. not in a million years so right now this cute camera just going to me be scrapbooking room decor lol


Natt Smith

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  1. OMG! were did u get that pink one? I want one of them so bad, but i cant find a place i can get it:(