Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Old is New again.

Vintage cloths,vintage furniture, vintage ......

Everything old is seems to be new again but for me today it's not about stuff it's about things I've done when I was a little girl in art classes. I remember how I used to have a lot of fun in painting and drawing class but I wasn't really good at them. It's always turned out to be such a big mess lol

When I came across on Crate Paper Blog I suddenly thought of how I can have fun with color and one thing that I have in my mind is Water Color Blowing technique that I use to do back in kindergarten.

It's pretty amazing how color go al over the direction out of control when you blow them yet pretty and look artsy.

Another layout I create is for MyMindsEye Sketch challenge. It's a perfect challenge for me since I'm so much in love with kraft paper and for me to find a reason to buy more of Kraft stuff I entered this challenge lol

It's pretty simple layout about a major change in my life yes switch to MAC it's really big deal for me because I'm on computer at least 4 hours a day and computer become a part of my daily routine.

I'm still learning and struggling with how this puppy operate but thanks to google :P

It's getting really cold in Denver so it's time for me to change my entire wardrobe.

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