Friday, November 11, 2011


" Don't think just smash it !! "

That's usually what I do with my Smash Book 
Just put whatever came across my mind hand then glued them on the pretty papers on Smash book.

Let's check out my Smash Book or I called it " Ideas Book"

Smash Book Retro Theme

Some of the quotes that I loves. I just print it out, snip then glue them on !!

Handmade flower, cute paper, trim.

Ideas from Pinterest.

All the fun and scrapbook layout inspirations.

Cute Amy Tan's Sticker package.

10 ways to fix creative block.

Just to make it easier to look thru I put some labels on them.

More DIY Ideas I got from Pinterest. I usually got my pictures from Pinterest. There is a lot of good ideas that I can use later on to fix my creative block or for scrapbooking layout ideas.

Just love how Smash book came out with all kind of different theme and all of them have such a pretty papers inside.

If you haven't get one yet you can stop by here at twopeasinabucket.

I'm so sure you will love them like I do !!

Have a great weekend :P

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