Saturday, November 26, 2011

How I get this look for my blog.

I was having trouble about dealing with myself how I want my blog to look like. I've tried a lot of looks on my blog either sweet, vintage or use plain white.

Lately I use white and just a background but I felt like it's too plain so here is my new look as you can see it :P

I made my own head blog using freebie digital washi tape I downloaded from here  and there are much more cute digital stuff on PuglyPixel site.

Then just edit them using GIMP  its' the closest free program to Photoshop. I quiet like it because the way it work just very functional and easy.

Just love the way my blog header turned out "Simply cute "


New fun challenge on Crate Paper blog

Who would you like to say Thank you to ?

I was thinking about create layout about who I would like to say Thank you to but instead of that I just make a tag for him instead so this tag would remind him of of much I thankful for being his " Wife"

I really don't feel like I said " Thank you " to him enough as I should've done.

Thanks for taking care of me and being there with me.

He always knew that I needed him the most when I said I don't.

I use lace fabric that I recently bought from Joann. Love them so much and will have more project coming up that using his lovely sweet chicly lace.

Nothing is more perfect for this pretty lacy tag than Vintage paper from Random collection. It's simply sweet way to say Thank-you.

Have a great ThanksGiving everyone.

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  1. Hello Natt,

    I really love your blog banner and what you have done with the strips. You make me want to try that GIMP...and I like your tag, such great texture!!!