Saturday, September 3, 2011

Paper Container from Flatrate Mail Box

Yesterday I have recieved items that I ordered from ebay. It's all the pretty papers from Crate paper new collection ( Random, Papermint ) While I was so excited about all the goodies I have worries and asked myself where can I store them since my 12x12 plastic draw are filled up.

Then I looked at package that store on ebay ( yourscrapbooksupply ) ship it to me .They have packed it nicely and everythings fit in there perfectly so I had an Idea how to store all my pretty papers including chipboard stickers which is size 12x12 that I hardly find space to fit them as well.

So I start to measure and cut up the box  then it turned out really perfect also take less space on my desk  than old plastice container.

Here is how I made it

1. Start with Medium Flatrate Priority mail box then assembly them together.

2. Then draw a line from one side of the box depends on how high you want the papers to be visible. I make it 6.5 inches then draw it to another corner.

3. Cut along that line you just drew it's kind of tricky if you use scissor but if you have box cutter I would suggest you to use it.

That's it !!! How easy, right ?  Its perfectly fit all my paper also wayyyyyy easier than mmy old plastic storage.

I have decorate mine with October Afternoon 5&dimes collection 8x8 Paper and card stock sticker then label them.

I didn't cover the whole box because they will be invisible anyway lol so I decided to save my paper for another project instead

This whole project only take me 30 mins. Easy and fast that's how I like to cratf :p

Have a great day everyone.

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