Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flowers Holder for the Wall/Door

It's such a nice sunny day here in Grand Junction. I didn't get a good sleep last night because keep thinking about a crafting project to do with all the goodies I bought lastweek.

Even though I was so tired this morning I still dig myself out of the bed and get out to enjoy sunny Sunday.

I have come across a really fabulous challenge on Crate Paper blog. It's color challange host by Tara Anderson.

I usually didn't get to submit my work on challenges because I hardly finish it before deadline. But since I have plenty times in hand now it's easier to finish it on time.

Color Challenge are my most favorite challenge because some times I have hardtime matching color then my work turn out to be really ugly and all over place.

This month color challenge on Crate Paper blog is Rasberry,Petal Pink and Apricot.

It's totally perfect to use their new collection ( Random, Farmhouse )

All the supplies I use beside Fabric are 6x6 Paperpad from Random, Farmhouse collection I also added some embellishment using chipboard sticker from Random and Emme's Shoppe collection.

It took me forever to figured the way how to hang it and I ended up using this brass hanger from drycleaner service.

It's so easy to make beside when I tried to sew clear vinly on them hmmmm !! almost break my sewing machine. So I decided not to use it lol

I have cut 6x6 paper into half then embellished them and sew them on top on the fabric that I have pre-sewn .

I couldn't find a perfect place to hang this lovely thing yet but I'm planing on hang it at the front door ( outside ) that way my neighbors get to enjoy it as well :P

After I finish with this project I still have times to finish some cute little cards. Ahhh love having time to create ♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫

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