Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life without digital camera.

Have you ever ask yourself how did you grow up without digital camera ?

I do....

Nowadays it's so easy for us to take pictures and capture moment in life but the question is are they all appreciated ?

Recently I reformatted my harddrive and for some reason I forgot to move over more than half of pictures and they disappeared. I almost cry. The advantage of having such a smart-ass hubby who's know almost everything about computer since they are invented and understand all 1 and 0 better than his wife words is he knew how I can get my photos back even though it had been emptied from the trash. Phewwwww he just safe my life but it cost $79 for  DATA recovery program and some argument lol Still didn't get all of them back since my hard drive was in another format so some of the JPEG files are broken still need to fix that T_T

Anyway, I was thinking about getting polaroid camera ( even though I got one at home  ) because sometimes I feel like how many pictures am i actually need ?

People could live without digital camera before so It won't be too hard to live with out one with the exception of iPhone that I still need it by my side.

So the hunt for polaroid camera is on !!

Let's see what I found yesterday.

#1 This fun curvy looking is $2.99 it's so light with a handle on the side.

#2 One step Polaroid vintage looking with sleek design lol

#3 Polaroid Spectra system It's very compact compare with all of above.

The result is I didn't get any of above camera because while I was wandering around with those polaroid cameras I hop on eBay real quick to see how much the film cost for those cameras turn out the film are way too expensive !! So I gave up and going back to use my DSLR.

But I ended up with one Polaroid camera anyway because I happened to found this lovely pink Cool Cam Polaroid camera. Who's doesn't love pink ?

Lovely isn't it ? 

I really want to carry it everywhere with me but since it's  need some films and I'm not going to buy them .. not in a million years so right now this cute camera just going to me be scrapbooking room decor lol


Natt Smith

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

How I get this look for my blog.

I was having trouble about dealing with myself how I want my blog to look like. I've tried a lot of looks on my blog either sweet, vintage or use plain white.

Lately I use white and just a background but I felt like it's too plain so here is my new look as you can see it :P

I made my own head blog using freebie digital washi tape I downloaded from here  and there are much more cute digital stuff on PuglyPixel site.

Then just edit them using GIMP  its' the closest free program to Photoshop. I quiet like it because the way it work just very functional and easy.

Just love the way my blog header turned out "Simply cute "


New fun challenge on Crate Paper blog

Who would you like to say Thank you to ?

I was thinking about create layout about who I would like to say Thank you to but instead of that I just make a tag for him instead so this tag would remind him of of much I thankful for being his " Wife"

I really don't feel like I said " Thank you " to him enough as I should've done.

Thanks for taking care of me and being there with me.

He always knew that I needed him the most when I said I don't.

I use lace fabric that I recently bought from Joann. Love them so much and will have more project coming up that using his lovely sweet chicly lace.

Nothing is more perfect for this pretty lacy tag than Vintage paper from Random collection. It's simply sweet way to say Thank-you.

Have a great ThanksGiving everyone.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for LIFE.

It's Thanks Giving tomorrow !!

I've been asking myself lately 

......What/who am I thankful to have in life ?

I'm thankful for my family, friends who's share love and life with me. I'm blessed to have all of you in my life.

I'm thankful for all the love I get and all the love I have to be giving to others.

I'm thankful for all the wrong decisions I've made they teach me lessons and help me become a better stronger person.

Most of all...Thanks to myself for enjoy living life and see beautiful things in some of the worst days in my life .


I went to ARC thrift store the other day to get some inspiration. There are so many things in that thrift store that I bought and use for my scrapbooking project. Some are vintage containers, some are cute little embellishments. The best part about this store is everything are so cheap !! 

I bought an old vintage dictionary for only $1.49 it's more than worth the money.

I was so excited when I see it. So perfect for a lots of my projects.

All the projects below are have a little touch of papers from vintage dictionary.


This first card it's a simple one just some buttons from October Afternoon Sidewalks.

It was a little tricky to sew that circles I adhered buttons on there first without thinking how I gonna sew them?  lol So I draw line around those buttons and sew circles around them make sure it's a little bit bigger than circle that I draw.

I called this " Marriage Tags" All those things are very important for a successful marriage.

I bough these shipping tag from Office Depot they are $7 for 100 tags good price but not really my favorite tho. Papers are too thin and I was having trouble getting them to be flat.

FYI : Took me about 5 tries to spell the word " FORGIVING " :P

This layout it's about my silly photo. I have way too many silly self portraits. It's kinda like one of skill set that I have since I knew how to take picture. I think I'll add " Taking silly self portrait " on my resume.

This layout using scrap peers from my scrap pile and some embellishments that I made using paper from old dictionary.

I'm not sure if anyone else having problem with OA sprinkler like I do but I always have trouble spray them. Gotta figure out how to fix that.

That's it for this week. Have a wonderful Thanks giving everyone !!



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Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's time to do something !!

I have tons of photos in a photo box and keep talking myself out of scrapbooking them by silly reason which is " I don't have all my supplies " so today after lunch I decide to go to my heaven yes I mean Archiver's lol

There are more than enough supplies and tools that I could ever use !! I love how it's convenient that I can just walk into store from the work room and grab whatever I need.

So I finish 3 layouts in 2.30 hours I spent almost 4 hours there but I spent 1 hour wondering around store. Too many to choose from.

Just to show you that I make some progress while I'm there and and just didn't walking around the store pretend like I'm their employee. Here are evidence :P

There are so many tools that they allow you to use it for free and my favorite tools of all are all the circle scallop punches !! I have been wanting to get them in my procession but for some reason I didn't. they are so fun to use and you can use them for variety of embellishments

#1 My friend visit me from LA and we went to Moab taking lots of pictures but I really love this one because it's actually show our personality in it. I'd be a dummy silly one and she would be a mart one great pair lol

I use circle scallop punch and cut them in haft then layered them. I couldn't find a good place to journal because I wasn't thinking while i'm doing this layout lol when I less thinking I always come up with some thing cool so I journal around the layout :p

#2 It's not just orange juice it's the sweetest orange juice ever !! I was really sick during the night and when  woke up I saw this on my night stand "Imma lucky gal" sometimes you will know who care about you the most when you are sick.

On this layout I try to stay on just Pink and kraft phewww good thing Pink goes well with anythings lol so this layout is adorable as it could be.

 #3 This is my most favorite picture of the guys I love how they are looking to the same direction and you can literally imagine that they were talking about family future but no .. they are looking for a place that we can live when the Zombies Land's day are here. That's most common conversation in our family " What should we do if there are zombies every where ? " Blame it all on the Walking Dead.

This layout is about when we went to hiking in Boulder without water and it's 100 degree. ( one of us was 2LT with the Army ) good prepare ,eh ? We didn't last over 20 mins but I got lots of good shot from that trip tho.

On this layout I use bright and fun color just to reminded me how hot it was that day lol

That's it for today. 

FYI : If you are looking for a place to have your scrapbook layout taking photo I'd recomment Archiver's just make sure you have your layout stand not laying flat because you can get some shadow on them. 

xoxo : Natt  

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Old is New again.

Vintage cloths,vintage furniture, vintage ......

Everything old is seems to be new again but for me today it's not about stuff it's about things I've done when I was a little girl in art classes. I remember how I used to have a lot of fun in painting and drawing class but I wasn't really good at them. It's always turned out to be such a big mess lol

When I came across on Crate Paper Blog I suddenly thought of how I can have fun with color and one thing that I have in my mind is Water Color Blowing technique that I use to do back in kindergarten.

It's pretty amazing how color go al over the direction out of control when you blow them yet pretty and look artsy.

Another layout I create is for MyMindsEye Sketch challenge. It's a perfect challenge for me since I'm so much in love with kraft paper and for me to find a reason to buy more of Kraft stuff I entered this challenge lol

It's pretty simple layout about a major change in my life yes switch to MAC it's really big deal for me because I'm on computer at least 4 hours a day and computer become a part of my daily routine.

I'm still learning and struggling with how this puppy operate but thanks to google :P

It's getting really cold in Denver so it's time for me to change my entire wardrobe.

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Friday, November 11, 2011


" Don't think just smash it !! "

That's usually what I do with my Smash Book 
Just put whatever came across my mind hand then glued them on the pretty papers on Smash book.

Let's check out my Smash Book or I called it " Ideas Book"

Smash Book Retro Theme

Some of the quotes that I loves. I just print it out, snip then glue them on !!

Handmade flower, cute paper, trim.

Ideas from Pinterest.

All the fun and scrapbook layout inspirations.

Cute Amy Tan's Sticker package.

10 ways to fix creative block.

Just to make it easier to look thru I put some labels on them.

More DIY Ideas I got from Pinterest. I usually got my pictures from Pinterest. There is a lot of good ideas that I can use later on to fix my creative block or for scrapbooking layout ideas.

Just love how Smash book came out with all kind of different theme and all of them have such a pretty papers inside.

If you haven't get one yet you can stop by here at twopeasinabucket.

I'm so sure you will love them like I do !!

Have a great weekend :P

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SYC Challenge #59

I'm so excited to be part of SYC Design Team !!!

If you like challenge yourself with awesome new challenges you definitely should go check it out !!

at Scrap Your Crap Blog

This is my first challenge for them it's one of my favorite tools to use --- Mist

The challenge is you use at least 3 color mists on your layout and this is what I came up with.

Just cut a piece of square scrap paper and spray over it , real easy no fancy techniques needed :)

Some corrugated paper and scrap patterned paper punched also I put punch negative on the opposite side.

I love using this boarder punch from EK success they are so cute and simple!!

Gotta go finish packing my house now , have a wonderful day !! Xoxo Natt

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Things to do when it's cold outside.

It was gloomy and cold day yesterday so there's nothing better than stay inside and get your creativity on !!

I went to Raven's house yesterday for scrapbook party. She made one of the best Chicken Artichoke Pizza ever and  also some yummy desert for all of us.

It's goooooood and make scrapbooking are much more fun.

I always have problem when I go to crop/scrapbooking party. I tend to chat more than scrap and then turned out I have creative block.

Just to fix that problem I made some tags that way I can still chat and not get depress  to finish scrapbook layout .

I have packed most of my scrapbook supplies and put them in the box so now I don't have many stuff on hands just some tools,papers and embellishments.

This really make me thinking about join Studio Calico kit club because sometimes I feel like I don't need much when I'm scrapbooking. I have been over spent in the past and scrapbooking kit would help me with my crafts budget.

Let's look over at what I made yesterday.

Just some random tags that I will keep them on my Smash Book

Doggy Tag : Wraped around mini wooden spool with twine give this tag a  little more details.

Crate : Use fabic tape that I bought from Korea make ruffle and stitch on top of it.

Happy Day : Use Dymo label maker for sentiment

Dream Tag : Corrugated paper frame give more dimension to the tag.

Supplies : October Afternoon Sidewalks, Maya Roads Wodden spool,Dymo Label Maker,Fabric Tape

I'm so happy that finally I figured out when and where is the best palce to take photos of my crafts.

Thank you for stop by. Have a great weekend !!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not a perfect scrapbooking world

So many times that I'm being a perfectionist and get really upset when my creation didn't turned out the way I wanted to be but since I start scrapbooking I have lower my perfection and try to get benefit from imperfections.

It's actually make me more enjoy crafting and see things different. I always believe that there is no right or wrong when it's come to something creative just being happy to make it and you are the one who will judge your work by HAPPY Scale.


Last weekend I went to Denver and shopping at Archivers OMG !! I'm so happy when I sew a sign on the door it's 40% off on All OctoberAfternoon so I got a whole bunch of stuff with bargain price it's really make my trip and make 4 hours drive not too bad.


I made this card for Scrapbook Trends Sketch challenge

Sweetness of Sidewalks Collection make simple card look adorable

supplies : BBS vanilla , EK punch,OA flower sack, OA sidewalks patterned paper


Cards crate for challenge on Scrapbook Trends blog : Cards with no sentiments.

It's really hard for me to think of how to crate cards without sentiments and make be able to communicate with receivers. So I try to make it simple by using symbol

Heart = Love
Supplies : BBS Chocolate,Gel pen ,OA sidewalks patterned paper

Santa = Xmas
Supplies : BBS Vanilla, EK punch, corrugated paper,Crate paper peppermint chipboard stickers,Doily,Studio Calico Mr.Huey


Scrapbook layout

Seem likes a lot  blog or scrapbook community I stop by would have a gorgeous yet simply cute chevron pattern on their gallery so I try to crate one of my layout that have chevron pattern on it.

I didn't make a layout full with chevron pattern just one line of it because I was working on it at 2 am and get so sleepy/lazy lol but I actually like how it turned out

Supplies : AM Craft patterned Paper, Dymo Label maker, Studio Calico Mr.Huey


This layout is one of my favorite layout. My friend and I went to Arches National park in Moab. It's one of the most amazing place that make me feel like we as a human are very small. I felt like I'm just a microorganism in big bowl of left over food lol Skies on that day was phenomenon it was bright and clear.

We took lot of photos and of course I just can't help to be jumping around like a kangaroo in my photo.

This whole lay out using October Afternoon sidewalks collection that I just bough from Archiver's .

It's getting cold here can't wait to get new cloths collection for winter.


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