Saturday, June 11, 2011

Add some texture to my October Afternoon lay out :P

It's saturday and I just finish up my page using October Afternoon 5&Dimes collection

My first time using Sew Easy tools as well it's so much fun to work with.

I use some fabric as photomat to add some text on the page then sew it by using sew easy.

Make my own button using Epiphany tool.

I left a lot of room and just use left bottom corner of the page filled up with all the cute little embellishments from this collection.

My daddy took this picture for us when we went to Samed island in Thailand. It was such a beautiful sunset.

Seems like I need to use my camera to take all my picture from now on since my iphone4 didn't do a good job taking photo of this page T_T



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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Altered Chalkboard For Crate Paper Inc. Color Challenge

Hi everyone . Finally i get one project done.

This is my very first time joining blog challenge. It's really fun actually. I get to challenge mysel as well but din't eally do a good job on that

this is a link to crate paper June color challenge I always late and get it done last minute but this time I get it done 3 days prior than dead line. Just so much work to do lately.

I altered a chalkboard that I bought from Hobby Lobby. They are so adorable it's about 8x11 inch. Perfect for my desk.

I paint it with acrylic color in sunshine yellow.

I gotta admit this this the hardest process for me because since I was a little kid I always paint every kind out color outside the area that I wanted to ( may be that's why I always think outside the box lol )  I taped black part of chalkboard but still got it all over. Luckily it's acrylic color so it's removable.

For decoration I use this lovely Crate Paper Emma's Shoppe 6x6 Paper pad.

I cut them into a small stripe just to fit the edge or chalkboard. and glue them around.

Making my own button using Epiphany button maker size 20

They turn out perfect now I can make buttons that will match all my page perfectly.

Some butterflies that i punch out and put some flatback pearls on.

And the center of attraction is here !! Banner that I make for this chalkboard because then I can write scrap that I have to get done for the challenges.

They turn out really cute and will be useful for me since I'm such a forgetful person :P

I'm not a good writer but I will try to practice more then I can do some tutorial for others to get an idea how I create them.

Material : Crate Paper 6x6 Paper Pad Emmas Shoppe Collection
                Trims  from hobby lobby.


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Saturday, June 4, 2011

They are Vintage mini album

My vintage mini album using

Crate Paper pattern paper

October afternoon embellishment

Basic grey

And From my Kitchen Cricut Cartridge

For some people when they saw vintage items they said " that's old" but for me .. They are treasure. Full with history and story.

Vintage toys

Shabby chic furniture

I printed shabby chic description on card stock and cut it in to stripes then aged it with brown ink on the edge.

Me in my favorite vintage romper I bought from Forever21

Last page I use some embellishment from the girl's paperie.

That's it :) this is really fun album to work with. I challenge myself by keep color theme just yellow, red, blue .

It work out great !!

Have a great weakened


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Friday, June 3, 2011

Sew easy by We R memory keeper

Today I just got a package in my mail box .

It put a big smiles on my face !!

I got Sew Easy kit that I ordered last week on eBay

To me they are worth the price !!

♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪

Now I can sew my scrapbook page and Mini album in no time woop woop

I will be working on the project this weekend. It's going to be fun !!!

Have a wonderful weekend


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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My new toy ~ typewriter

Last week I went to goodwill and saw something really cool.

It's a type writer !!

I remember when I was a little girl I play with my mom's typewriter at her office. I love it so much I would type all day. Of course it was much more fun to type on a Thai typewriter because we have 44 alphabets 32 vows etc so its a lot of stuff on typewriter to type lol

I got this typewriter from goodwill for $6.99 !!

It's in good working condition . Really good deal eh? That's like one Redmango frogurt ( frozen yogurt )

Then I order new ink spool from eBay for $10 :)

I'm so excited can't wait to use it for my up coming scrapbooking project.


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