Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunny Day Flowers Card

It had been really sunny outside for the pass few day. Instead of going outside I'm staying in to crate a lot of bright color cards and layout. I still consider that as enjoying the sunshine tho because I just starring outside my window while I'm crafting lol

I this sunny day there is nothing better than working on colorful pretty pattern paper from October Afternoon Sidewalks. I have cam across a challenge on Scrapbook Trend's Blog as usual they have a challenge that I can actually challenge myself with card making.

The challenge for this week is using  at least 3 boarder punches on the card. It's really tough for me since I'm not really use punch and this challenge required you to use at least 3 !! ( somebody help me plz )

Well then I sit and think and think and sit which take me a while to figured what I'm going to do.

And here is what I came up with

And for this little card I just couldn't think of anywhere I could put another piece of  paper that was punched with pretty boarder punch on so I made a rosette again! Instead of just a plain rosette I punched it with Punch No.3 Martha Stewart Doily Lace Edge Punch

I added couple more rosettes and buttons.

It's really bright color card and it's turned out just the way I wanted it !

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Sketchy me

Did I mentioned how much I love sketch challange ? Soooo much.

I just love how you can use your creativity with sketches. What I love to do everyday when I turned on my laptop is serching for sketch challenge. Sometimes I submit lay out in the challenge sometimes I just looking around to get some inspiration.

But for Sassy Lil Sketches when I see their sketches I just can't help not using it right away. So of course I finish my lay out before their challenges are over lol

Here is what I use their love ly sketch for

Fall for you Card

This simple card using their sketch and Studio Calico Paper and October Afternoon Clear Stamp

It's very very simple use Fall color scheme

I really love this Studio Calico collection the color are perfect for fall season.

This is lay out using Sassy Lil' Sketches

I've been crazy about making rosette lately so you can pretty much see them on all of my layout for the past few week.I just love it so much how it turned out and make my pages pop.

About this layout I use JilliBean Soup pattern paper as photomat and all the elements and those banners from Crate paper Farmhouse collection.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Itchy for Sketchy Thursday.

I 've heard about Sketchy Thursday for quite awhile about how cute and creative their sketch are. I'm so into sketch and definitely will not miss out there new sketch. It's so cute and very simple just the way I like to scrapbooking.

This is layout that I made using their sketch. I use Crate Paper Randon & Farm House line.

Cut several circle in different sizes and layer them with foam adhesive. I made a rosette and add button on the top of it.

Added film stripe and some chipboard elements.
Very simple and quick to me except the part of cutting all those circle and try to think of color scheme.
Have a great weekend !!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kraft Kraft and more Kraft Papers please

I have been obsessed with Kraft paper lately because their texture and color are so pure and make pretty much every embellishments and photos popup.

Except i can't use sprayink on then T_T

I have made some layout using kraft paper as a background. They're both using October Afternoon PatternPaper

Home Made Pineapple friedrice. It's my favorite Thai Dish

#2 Layout Using new Sidewalks Line. It's really sweet color pattern paper.

I have add scrabble block as title.
Quick and easy layout .

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Vacation Mini use Amy Tan

I'm so excited when my hubby told me that we're going to Denver because I really want to get more scrapbooking stuff especially AmyTangerine collection. They are so perfect for our vacation picture.

I was gonna by her mini album but turned out I have wayyyy too many photos so I bought all her entire  papers line and make my own mini album instead.

These are what I got :P Pretty much the whole line lol
This is what I came up with.

I adhere a postcard that we wrote to us on the inside cover 

Some cablecar ticket as embellishment

My favorite place Teddy Bear Museum.
I left some blank space for my hubby to write journal since he's way better than me when it comes to writing.

It's really perfect on the  movie ticket said " SweetBox" that's the seat we bought when we went to the theater in Seoul

I took a leaf when we went to the palace and keep it in my pocket wished it wont get damage before I can put it on my minialbum.

My last page.

Unfortunately I can't find her stamp set T_T really sad but I can still order them from TwopeasintheBucket
 I really love working on this minialbum because all the pretty paper and embellishments. Everythings goes well together and doesn't look too busy since I have too many picture already.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Butterflies Splatted

Just got back from Denver. It was lots of fun I had spent ove 6 hours browsing and looking around Archivers. Didn't wanna leave the store but have to. Wishing they were open 24/7 just like 7-11 lol

Last week I've learned new technique called " Splatted". It's reminded me of when I was in elementary school lol

I have use it a lot on my layouts and cards.

It's a picture of us when we went to peace festival in Palisade,CO. There is no other paper collection that's gonna fit it better than Farmhouse from Crate Paper.  I splatted light blue acrylic color on part of the layout and punch butterflies. Adhere them by using gluedots to give some dimension to the layout. Also use adhesive foam on photomat.

A love card using scrap paper punched in heart shape. Splatted with neon pink acrylic color.

I just bought my first ever Smash book and so excited to write and smash !!

My weekend went well but I really wish I could be in Minesota :(

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just bored .. :(

Woke up this morning checking all the scrappers blog,twitter,Facebook. They are going to Scrapfest :( wishing I could go but hmm the closest Archivers is 4 hours away..may be next time.

Too bored to scrap or craft need more inspiration I decided to just put make up on and paint my nails. Hoping to get pretty up and I will be in the mood for craft.

And take lots of photos of myself lol

Finally the sun is out yayyy now I get to wear a tanktop.

Thx to Blogpress \ ◕ิ ྱ ◕ิ /

Location:My home sweet home.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Imma Sassy Lil' girl.

Always have hard time naming my blog title lol

I keep thinking about what is my style of scrapbooking,cards and crafting. When I came across one lovely blog challenge called Sassy Lil' Sketches I finally find a word that would decribe my style of crafting " SASSY" that's right !!!

Just to show sassiness in me enough I join their challenge both card and scrapbooking layout.

This is my layout "Create Space"

I have been floting around my house to find spot that perfect for scrapbooking. When I started to scrapbook I only have a tiny basket filled with papers and glue.It's getting bigger and bigger until I have to put my supplies in U-haul box ( poor me ).But finally I took over office area in our house. It's totally perfect with 6 x 6 fts window and I also can look outside at our front yard.The desk that we were plan to use as a computer desk I just filled it up with my scrapbook supplies and transfer all the files and quickbooks from our old computer to my harddrive.Now this space turn out to be where I hanged out the most in our house well beside bedroom.

Anyway it's time to talk about the layout. Pictures on this layout I took them using Hipstamatic App on iPhone. I coundn't think of any paper that I have to use as a photomat to match this lovely arty photo so I just paint BasicGrey paper with cream acrylic paint. And use fabric tape I bought from korea as flags. Kioshi Collection Rub-ons as embellishments.

Thinking of you card.
I have promise to myself I will try not to use doily too much but they are too cute to resist not to use !! So I use them lol but this time I use doily as a mask for Spinkler

So this is a card I got from their lovely sketch.

I found this Basicgrey Felt Embellishment from Biglots yes Biglots a while ago and just have to buy them because they were on sale. I admitted I have allergy to the word "SALE" or redtag lol I kept it in my stickers box for so long finally get a chance to use it.

That's it for my layout and card that I made from Sassy Lil' Sketches I also scroll down on they blog and found a lot of cute sketches that I would definitely use for my others project.


So as soon as I submitted above layout and card on Sassy Lil' Sketches I hit F5 and there is a new sketches for layout on their blog. It's sooooo cute !! I just can't resist using it on my layout so here is what I made.

I love everythings on this layout except my silly hand writing T_T Really wanna have a cute handwring but really don't know how to. Might need a lot of practice lol

This layout using photo of screenshot when my friend and I were chatting on Facetime   It's one of the best thing apple ever launch !! For a person whos always away from home like I am this app helped a lot with homesick. Sometimes we even do makeup tutorial. Right now I just working on convince my mom to upgrade her iPad to iPad2 so I can see my family.

It's cool isn't it?

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Something "NEW"

I keep having problem that I can't see when I'm driving at night so I went to see eyes doctor and she prescribed a new glasses for me.

Now I can see much better. This is my first glasses and so as soon as I put them on I just can't help to take a picture of myself wearing them.

I was thinking about which titel should I use for my glasses scrapbooking layout and I came across this blog TruelyMadlyCrafty and their challenge is NEW so yes I use them as a title for my layout.
Here is layout that I came up with.

It's very simple but I love it !! :P Am I look cute in that glasses ? lol

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My Little Scrapbooking Problem

After 1.5 years of scrapbooking I notice that I have the same problem over and over again. I alway finish my page without title. Real problem of that problem is I can't think of a word that I can use for the layout.

Finally I found this lovely blog host a challenge that will help me fix my title problem. " Bird is the word "  So I decide to join their current challenge and the word is "Memory"

One of my sweet memory is when my hubby surprise me by taking me some scenic place and stop a car in the middle of nowhere so I take photos. Being Engineer Director keep him very busy and have to be available pretty much 24/7 but as soon as he has time he never forget about spending every second with me while I'm scrapbooking lol

Anyway too much about sweet story lol

Here is my lay out

I used a lot of machine stitch on this layout even behind my title and also the frame. I have lots of fun working on this layout suing the word from there challenge. Definitely will join them again :P

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Sweet Collection ( Random ) From Crate Paper

Love love love Crate Paper Random Collection and just can't get enough of them ! So I made some cute little cards for my mom.

They turned out just the way I have imagine which it unusual for all my craft lol So here they are.


I added glitter glue to make it a little more glittery because that's just how my mom like her stuff to be PINKand Sparkling

The next one is Thank You card using the same collection. Like I stated I love this collection so much so I didn't want to waste any of thos pretty paper. I use scrap paper from that first card as a background in pretty little frame.

Thank You Card

I made my own sparkling frame it was really easy to make and apply glitter.

I think I should do some a tutorial how to make that sparkle polaroid frame since it's so cute and very easy to make.  ^_^ Have a great weekend !!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Have fun challenging myself

Labor Day weekend went really well , all I did was scrapbooking and I also have myself  hooked to card making lately. They are so fun to make and I can always sent it to all my friends and family which most of them are away for Colorado.

I have submitted and working on more than 10 projects for blogs. I just love doing the challamge since I always do things without instructions or orders ( even when I was in school or at work lol ) and my hubby said something to make me feel good about that weakness of me was" That's why you are so special ,baby" just hoping that word SPECIAL means somethings good.

So here are some of my work that I work on today to submit on Once Upon a Sketch blog. Prize on this challenge are not just all the pretty goodies but you will be their guest designer for October.

I also have a lot more cards and layouts that I just finish recently uploaded to my gallary on TwoPeasinaBucket .

Summer is almost over so ENJOY !!

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