Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crate Paper jeans Braclet

It's weekend whoop whoop :P I just bought my own first and ever sewing machine. It's Brother LB6800. I love it so much !! have a lot of fun working on project to another project. I start sewing doesn't mean I gonna quit scrapbooking tho because I still love looking at all the pictures and pretty paper.

So here I mix them together by making a bracelet with combination of my favorite crate paper collection of all. Also I added a picture of me and my hubby on this bracelet that way I can have him close to me all the time.

I just sew this bracelet using denim I got from hobby lobby and sewed lace on the center. Added handmade charms that filled with our picture and a tiny piece of Emma's shope paper.

To give it more detail I added buttons from the same collection. It turn out really cute and I've been wearing it with anything and even I don't have it on my wrist I tied it on my purse.

Enjoy your weekend everyone !!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Art Festival in Cute little town

My hubby have told me so many times about a small mountain town called Beaver Creek. He kept telling me how beautiful it is and how much I would like it.

So last weekend when I woke up he told me to get ready .. As usual it took me forever to decide what to wear lol

Beaver creek is about 2 hours away from Grand Junction so basically it's half way to Denver. When we got there it was really really busy. Every shuttles that goes up there are full. We waited in the sun for almost 30 mins thx goodness I didn't forget my umbrella otherwise I would pass out in the sun.

Once we got in the town of Beaver Creek we walked around and stopped in so many stores. There are a lots of cute home deco and gift shop stores also some of wonderful art gallery !!

I'm so enjoy all the art work and shops. We had stop at one gelato ice-cream shop and have some melon sherbet ice-cream. It was the best melon sherbet I ever had !!

We were plan to spent a night there but all the hotel are booked . Seems like Art festival mess up our plan but well.. I get to see all the wonderful stuffs . What else could I asked for right ?

Have a great weekend

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Easy Scrap Layouts

One week has gone by so quick. I'm feeling like haven't get anything done even thought I have finish close to 10 Lay outs but there are so many more pictures that need to be put on pretty little lay out.

Since I have so many project that need to get done so i try to do a lot of quick lay outs but beautiful by using a lot of sprayink and add some cute little embellishments.

Ooh and I just figured out how to get all the pictures to turn out the way I wanted and make sure I won't have a bad surprise when I pick them up from store...

Just like wisemen said if you want something to be done right you just gotta do it yourself so I bought HP photo paper and print it myself at home. I have believe that it's cheaper for me to ordered print via Walgreens but overtime since I start scrapbooking, I've thrown a lot of my pictures away because color and photos quality didn't turn out exactly the way I want them to. And a lot of time I didn't get my layouts done because I have to wait for my pictures since I can just print it at home now I can just edit my picture and print it right away. Yippyyyy

Here come all my easy layouts for this week.

My bight colorful layout using sassafra lass Sweetly Smitten paper

Easy simple layout. This lay out take me less than 10 mins !!

Another simple layout using embellishments from October Afternoon

I added a little bit of detail on this LO ( just a little bit tho )

Using tulle as photomat give some texture and make this layout looks softer.

With all the cute little embellishments.

This is 8x8 layout using paper from basicgrey and added some vintage lace on picture boarder.

I distressed page's adge to make it look a liitle more vintage.

Most of all these layouts I didn't spent a lot of time on them but turn out really cute and simple !! Most of the time I spent is to find the right color combination for them which is kinda hard for me since every color are my favorite . Also all the pattern papers are so cute !!! So I think my main problem is I HAVE TOO MUCH SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLY lol

Have a great weekend !!!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Make my own Spray ink.

Yesterday while I was looking around my scrapbooking supplies I couldn't find any spray ink that will match the page that I'm going to make.

But then I look trhu all my acrylic paint and I found a really gorgeous Aqua color I was thinking about using it as the way I normally use by using the brush but I thought Hmmm may be I should try make my own spray ink.

I dig thru my toilettry cabinet and found a travel mist bottle, perfect !!!

So this is what I came up with ..

Make sure you pour acrylic paint in the bottle first then pour water  just slightly a little bit more than acrylic color.

Then shake well, really well...

Now they mix together let's try to spray it !!

I just spray it on my scrap paper just to make sure it's working right lol It turned out exactly how I wanted it !!! I'm so happy that my idea is working so now I'm going to have all the sray ink in color that I wanted.

woo hoo !!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

5&Dime Wall Hanging Canvas block

I just got back from vacation from Seoul and feeling like it has been such a long time since my last blog. While I was there I bought a whole bunch of scrapbooking supplies. Can't wait to use it !!

Yesterday I went to Michael's and saw these canvas block on sale for 50% of so I gotta buy it. Who doesn't like sale items,right ? I though it would be perfect to decorate it and use it as home decoration.

I spray ink them using 5&Dime October Afternoon Splinkler

Then I spray it inside a cap and make circle all over the page.

I distressed a small piece of fabric as a photo mat.

I also made all of them very simple and didn't even write a journal. Just let those sweet picture to tell story.

Use acrylic paint to make that chipboard flower pop out.

I use paper from 5&Dime Collection. Fold it to give a little bit of layer on the page.

I find it was really hard to adhere everything on the canvas block. I try pretty much every methods and all kind of adhesive. Nothing really work then at the end I figured that. Because of they are coated !!! so seems like I might need to take it apart and put uncoated canvas on it instead.


5&Dime  Collection by October Afternoon
- Sprinkeler
- Chipboard Sticker
- 8x8 Paper pack

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