Monday, July 30, 2012

Pink cards

It's crazy how much I think about my favorite color.
When I was younger I afraid to tell people what my real favorite color is 
and I always try to hide that by telling them my favorite color is "WHITE" 
just so they can stop bugging me.
 Then I realize that wasn't fair because my favorite color is " Pink "
 I didn't wanna say it out loud because it's a girly color.
and I was a tough girl lol so pink will ruin my reputation.
Yeah called me crazy.
But now I'm married and grown up ( just a little bit )
Mature enough to tell people that my favorite color is Pink. Do you hear it  ?
- - - - - - - - - - - 
Today projects that I have to share with you are pink. Let's take a look.
Happy Birthday card. Using Crate Paper Pretty paper collection. It's so perfect for this !

" You are so sweet "
A super easy and cute mini card I make. A lot of people use type writer on their scrapbook layout but I love using it on my cards for typing sentiment when I can't find a perfect stamp for cards.

Thank you for stopping by everyone. Now I'm off to clean up my mess in craft room lol

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  1. Pink is a lovely colour! I grew up loving blue and I still do but I like all pastel colours.. haha... I am greedy! :P

    Love your cards! They are lovely!

  2. Hey, when you make such amazing projects, pink just makes them even better!!