Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let's take a short walk on my patio.

It's Sunday ! Geez time go by fast when you are having fun.
After wild fire last month not it's flood time !
No I don't like flood but what I love a bout this time is rain. Because I don't have to watery plants lol
So it was a nice warm day with bright green grass. Tempting me to go out and take photos. I haven't use my big camera out door lately. So today is a great day to do so.
Let's take a look what I've grown in my garden.
" Pansies "
This one is a really tough puppy. Can't believe I could keep it alive and bloom .
 " Basil "
They are still so little but they grew so fast though. We eat a lot of basil here so this is a must !

 " Sweet Basil "
I love " Pad ka prao " ( Thai dish ) but can hardly find sweet basil leaf so I decided to grown them in the back yard but I just heard from my friends that I can just get a branch from her house then plant them. I might just go that route because this one take forever to grew !!
That's it I was to lazy to walk in to our back yard to get my feet wet so I only take photos of what we have on patio. May be next time when it dry. 
I just start learning how to knit. Man, it' hard. The hardest hobby I've ever done.
Have a great week everyone !!

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