Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What did I do what my ribbons ?

If you follow my Instagram account you'd know that I bought a bunch of ribbons before we traveled to Cedar City with a though that it will be no scrapbooking store here in town.
I was wrong !! 
So now it's almost time for us to leave I still haven't get to use most of them I though it might be time to use them because I have haul a lot of scrapbooking supplies since I was here. ( Blame it on Megan my Utah scrapbooking partner lol )
So here is what I use them for.

" Hello " Card
I use Cricut machine to cut that butterfly ( totally forget what cartridge I used )
Then I mat under with ribbon stripe.

" Wonderful " Card
On this card I use seam binding ribbon and turn it into this flower by using Crate Paper brads.

That's what I did what my ribbons , how about you ?

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