Sunday, March 11, 2012

Freebies and giveaway #3

Hello everyone.
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes.
I'm really bless to have such a great family, friends and support from you lovely ladies.
- - - - - - - - -
This week free printable is still journalling card for project life.
I couldn't think if anything I would do for printable so I just go with this journalling card

" Days in a week No.1"

Here is links to printable.
Enjoy !!

Last week giveaway winner is 

Congrats Aurore please send me your address to
Also thank you everyone to share with me your favorite scrapbooking store. 

This week giveaway this is Blue ribbon Jenni Bowling punch.

I will randomly choose the winner on next Saturday March 17 ,2012  
Due to St'Patrick day 's bloghop I will need to extend it to March 24,2012
To enter this giveaway simply
- Become followers 
- Mention this giveaway on your blog or gallery
- Post comment to let me know that you wish to enter
also I would like to know what would you like me to create for next week free printable. ( i'm running out of ideas lol )
*** all international are except ^_^ 
- - - - - - -
I just got my Studio Calico box yesterday and going tone spending the next couple days playing with all the goodies in the kits. Don't forget to check back what I'll be making.

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  1. Spectacular article, it has almost everything I needed to find. Thank you for putting the effort and time to write it. Please continue posting. Next time even more exciting stuff.

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  2. I am a follower. Thank you so much for the journaling cards. They are even perfect for a charming little TO DO booklet! I think I'll make instant use of them today!! Thanks also for the great give-away. Hope I'm the fortunate one!! Have a beauty-flled day!!!

  3. Cute printable this week love it! Fun prize too.... Let's see I think I would recommend a printable that was a check list... or monthly calendar....

  4. wow!!!!! i'm so happy!!!! thank you so much!!!

  5. Oh, I like these little journaling cards and am saving them to my computer right away! These would be really useful for a lot of things...scrapbooking, cards, and even notes to stick up on the refrigerator! I am a follower on GFC and would LOVE to win that punch!

  6. I love printables that can be used for a lot of different things, as opposed to themed printables. I especially love journaling blocks and designs like ledgers and notes.

  7. Also wanted to say that I don't have a blog but I posted on my Facebook page here:

  8. Love these fantastic scrapbooking cards. I'd love to see traveler's theme, such as air mail typewriter, stamps for up and coming holidays <3

  9. I love these! So cute! I've tweeted about your giveaway and hope you get a huge response! Thx for the chance to win :)

  10. Hey Natt already post your give away on my personal blog here is the link:

    I hope i can win it ^^

    and i challenge you to create printable card using your top 10 fav quotes, make it simple and try to play with some fonts in one frame.

    Good luck Natt

    Regards: Evelyn @geekgalz

  11. Offically a follower, make a post about this giveaway on my blog, and I'm commenting as I speak :) Oh perhaps you could create some tag printables with catchy one-words like: awesome, cool, nice, sweet, yummy, ok, smile, etc.
    Thanks for a chance to win this!

    ps: you have some serious awesomeness going on in your blog :)

  12. Hey, girl! I thought I recognized these printables when I was on Tip Junkie today! congrats on the feature! SMiles, Jill

  13. i just used your journaling cards on my PL pages. thank you!