Saturday, March 17, 2012

St.Patrick's day blog hop with my IG friends

Hello every one !! I'm so excite to be a part of this blog hop with my Instagram's friends ! 
As some of you might already know me on IG in username "TINYNATT" if you don't have that app and  you are using iPhone I'd recommend you to get it. It's really good fun app and totally free. ( don't forget to follow me ^_^ on there tho ) 
If you follow me on there , you will find a lot of inspirations and process how I make my project and my daily life.

And today blog hop is going to be a lot of green !! It's Jessy 's command lol

 To create project for this blog hop, it's really tough because green and I aren't best friend in fact I don't really like green at all.
I manage to find some green color that I can like and don't use a lot of them but stick with " LUCKY " for St.Patrick's day instead
Here is my project " I'm so lucky to have a friend like you ! "

This is a hybrid project that I create. Super fun and easy to make for your friend just to let them know how much you appreciate them. I made free printable pdf file for you to download here.
I printed this out on craft paper then stitch around bubble and add some buttons.

Now it's giveaway time ! I have this lovely set of embellishment in shade of green.
filled with seam binding ribbons, button, paper clip, features, index card .

To win this giveaway.
- Post comment let me know who/what makes you feel lucky ?
- Become blog followers
- Post this blog hop on your blog/pinterest.
- Visit all other blog hop participants.
I will announce the winner on Tuesday March 21 2012.
** International bloggers are welcome to play along as well.**

Thank you so much for stopping by 

FYI : Due to this bloghop I have extend our weekly giveaway till March 27 .

Blog hop list 

Laura Banasiak | laurabanasiak :

Leah Farquharson | bluebirdchicllc :

Faridah Hajarmustika | mustikmonkeys :

Gina Lideros | ginalideros:

Suryanti Halim | isur :

Katy Hedger | polkadotlove :

Wati Basri | watibasri :

Jenny Gecos | mrsjennyg :

Allison Waken | allisonwaken :

Kristine Davidson | kristined:

Sasha Farina | sashafarina:

Lindsey Hansen l lindzeyhanzen :

Leena Loh | findingnana:

Nina Burgess | ladybugnina :

Azura Alyssa | azuraalyssa :

Sophia Allison | sophiaallison :

Vee Jennings | strawbvee :

Amy Lynne Lassiter | amlynnelassiter :

Helga Vergara | helga_vergara :

Michelle Lanning | michellelanning :

Juanna Sia | juannahope :

Daniela Dobson | danieladobson :

Jeanne M. Wigoena | jeannew :

Michelle K | michellek :

Vanessa Rupp-Hayden | veerupp :

Jessy Christopher | jcchris :

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  1. love the giveaway.. :)

  2. Hoping in to say hello! I just added you in IG as username: jyylee. Hope to see you in IG! Ta!

  3. I'm lucky to have friends who love me no matter what. naomi_mac

  4. Now adding you on ig :) great giveaway and i hope your enjoying the hop such fun :)

    Katy xx

  5. Hi Natt Sweetie...
    What a gorgeous GREEN share today. Love the giveaway. Any one of us would
    be so very lucky. A leprachan pot of love for sure.

    My blogging friends make me feel so lucky, lucky for their friendships. I love meeting new ones, and I am your newest follower. I can't wait to see what you share next.

    Have a glorious weekend sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

  6. This is going to be cheesy but my Mama makes me lucky. ;D

  7. lovely! what makes me feel lucky?
    being able to be crafty and creative every day!

  8. Picking up a 4-leave clover makes me feel lucky!
    I love the color of the feathers! may i know where you got them?
    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  9. LOVE the card! Happy St. Patrick's Day, NattArida! Have a wonderful weekend! ^_^

  10. happy st Patrick's day, Natt.
    go green get lucky rite?
    consider myself lucky can know you..:D

  11. Natt, i feel lucky, as i made it to your blog and see you are a beautiful creator of art!!!.. I feel positve thinking gives you good karma and that is how things happen for me. Just like now... I almost jumped into my computer screen when i saw your giveaway had colored seambinding in it. I have been on the hunt for special seam binding for months now......... is that not lucky karma?? I can not find it on a roll whereby the seam binding has a finished edge and a woven texture to the binding. I have found tightly woven binding, although it does not crinkle well enough to my liking...... So send me a link of the brand name of the seam binding you have in your picture, i need to find where i can order this on line.... thanks

  12. Cute giveaway! I'm lucky to have such gr8 kids! I hope to see you at my blog soon... I'm loving this hop! Catch up soon :) Thx

  13. Your card is SO cute! :) (I love the owl too)! :)
    I think your giveaway is beautiful and so perfectly unique too. Wonderful! :)
    <3 amy

  14. what a lovely giveaway, hurray for seam binding!

  15. Such an awesome giveaway!! You are so good with the designs :) Thanks for participating the IG blog hop :)

  16. ooh, love the feathers. thanks so much.