Sunday, February 19, 2012

Girls night out card.

Hello Sunday and everyone !

Today I start the day with grumpy and moody feeling.

It cause by I took a long nap during the day and make me can't sleep at night.

But a cup of sweeten green tea from Starbucks always make everything better.

After I got a cup of green tea , creative juice in my body start flowing.

So I made this card to submit for Scrapbook Trend 's blog 

This week challenge is " Girls night out card "

I got creative block for a little bit then I start to think as a girl myself ,

what do I like ?




hmmm that make it easier now.

so here is what I came up with for girl night out card.

Pink ribbons ruffle and sequin.

I use doily  to represent cake ^_^

and add a little bling.

I could have use this to invited my friends for a girls night out but since we just went to Las Vegas last week I gotta pass and stay home taking care of my hubby instead lol

How about you,when was you last girls night out ?

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  1. Oulala! It's gorgeous.
    You really nailed the "girly" feel to it.

    My last girl's night out was probably 4 our 5 months ago, lol. It's been a very long time! I think I'm due another one any time soon.

  2. SUper cute card! I need a girls night out!