Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What did you eat ?

 I don't know since when I start taking photos of my food at dinner table.

Probably since they invented digital cameras

 and I figured that there is an option called " Macro" on it which make photos of your food look really great !!

So I took photo of my food a lot by a lot mean almost every meals except a bowl of cereal in the morning.

I usually post them on Facebook but since I have Instagram app on my  iPhone I'm get even crazier about taking photos of my daily life not just food ( but mainly food still lol )

I had in mind that I'd make a mini album just for food that I ate and write notes about them that way I can remember what to order and where to eat.

Seems like American Crafts and Ann -Marie heard my thought, so they have a challenge that you get to  use photos of tweets from you twitter on you project.

and  this is what I did with mine photos.

" Eat out a lot ! "

Yes, that's what we do in my family since I'm not very good cook so we eat out A LOT !!

This mini album I made using White card stock and and just to make the pages not too plain I sew around them. Pretty easy except when it comes to that rounded corner.

All the food photos I print it out in 1.5 x 1.5 inches. Not too big but it fits just perfect on this 6 x 4 album.

Some pages I add trim and badge to give it more dimension.

A simple pattern paper can be very unique and more detail when you punched them with border punch.

I use up a lot of my scrap papers on this project by mix and match colors.

I don't have title on every pages on mini album but I love to use this label to tell story about photos.

That's mine how about you ?

What did you eat ?


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It's going to be snowstorm here in Denver tomorrow so I'll have more time to stay in and be creative whoo hoo !!

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