Saturday, December 10, 2011

Do you feel Christmas-ey ?

It's December 10 and Christmas is 15 days away, I'm so excited !!

With 8 fts tall Christmas tree it's not that easy for me to put it up myself but I've been unpacking all my christmas ornaments and home decor out of the box.

Thanks to these guys for put up the tree.

Finally I got all the pretty ornaments. I love using just one color ornament on the tree but they are come in different shapes and styles. This year ornament's color is silver. You can see a little bit of color ornaments that's because in our family we have a annual ornament tradition and they come in different color so I just need to live with it.

Vintage ceramic dolls. They comes as a pair and they look so adorable together.

My silver ornaments filled up  with glitters.

Snow globe but there is no snow in there.

and this afternoon I got so bored so I went to Thrift store to find some vintage ornament but I ran in to this red nose  Rudolph and can't take my eyes out of him. He's so adorable with $3.99 I got him home with me and now he's standing under my Christmas tree.

That's it for my Christmas tree  decoration now I gotta work on getting some present to put under this tree.

P.S. I haven't been doing much of crafting because I'm working on my scrapbooking room and it's such a mess lol but I have been take pictures for December daily mini album and I will share it with you here shortly.

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