Monday, October 10, 2011

Simple Lovely Weekend

It had been such a busy week for me. I didn't even have time to watch my favorite show Real Housewife of BH lol

but I still get to squeeze a little bit of my time to scrap booking.

First layout using all of Amy Tan collection scrap paper that I have leftover from my minialbum project

2nd Layout bright and colorful scrap paper from sassafras and foam Thicker. It's look kinda messy to me but I like it.

Layout #3 scrap paper from October Afternoon and Mr.Huey studio calico sprayink

Last layout using scrap paper from sassafras and corrugated paper. 

It's very simple and come out really cute just the way I like it! I'm frugal scrapbooker so I always use up my scrap papers and what ever left in my scrapbook.

It's getting cold here in Colorado and there are leaves all over my front yard.

Since it was really cold I didn't want to spend anytime outside so last weekend I was sitting at home and browsing around scrapbooking world the came across Tara Anderson's Blog I spent roughly 5 hours read, look and pinned her blog to Pinterest. Love her style and how creative she is. Every little project she has on her blog just blew me away by how pretty they are and all the detail.. she's so talented !!

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  1. Wow! Love these! All of them are so different and so nice! You've been very these!