Friday, August 19, 2011

Art Festival in Cute little town

My hubby have told me so many times about a small mountain town called Beaver Creek. He kept telling me how beautiful it is and how much I would like it.

So last weekend when I woke up he told me to get ready .. As usual it took me forever to decide what to wear lol

Beaver creek is about 2 hours away from Grand Junction so basically it's half way to Denver. When we got there it was really really busy. Every shuttles that goes up there are full. We waited in the sun for almost 30 mins thx goodness I didn't forget my umbrella otherwise I would pass out in the sun.

Once we got in the town of Beaver Creek we walked around and stopped in so many stores. There are a lots of cute home deco and gift shop stores also some of wonderful art gallery !!

I'm so enjoy all the art work and shops. We had stop at one gelato ice-cream shop and have some melon sherbet ice-cream. It was the best melon sherbet I ever had !!

We were plan to spent a night there but all the hotel are booked . Seems like Art festival mess up our plan but well.. I get to see all the wonderful stuffs . What else could I asked for right ?

Have a great weekend

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