Thursday, August 4, 2011

5&Dime Wall Hanging Canvas block

I just got back from vacation from Seoul and feeling like it has been such a long time since my last blog. While I was there I bought a whole bunch of scrapbooking supplies. Can't wait to use it !!

Yesterday I went to Michael's and saw these canvas block on sale for 50% of so I gotta buy it. Who doesn't like sale items,right ? I though it would be perfect to decorate it and use it as home decoration.

I spray ink them using 5&Dime October Afternoon Splinkler

Then I spray it inside a cap and make circle all over the page.

I distressed a small piece of fabric as a photo mat.

I also made all of them very simple and didn't even write a journal. Just let those sweet picture to tell story.

Use acrylic paint to make that chipboard flower pop out.

I use paper from 5&Dime Collection. Fold it to give a little bit of layer on the page.

I find it was really hard to adhere everything on the canvas block. I try pretty much every methods and all kind of adhesive. Nothing really work then at the end I figured that. Because of they are coated !!! so seems like I might need to take it apart and put uncoated canvas on it instead.


5&Dime  Collection by October Afternoon
- Sprinkeler
- Chipboard Sticker
- 8x8 Paper pack

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