Monday, April 2, 2012

New Smash book

Good morning on Monday everyone.
I missed yesterday post because it was 85 F and sunny this weekend so I went out golfing.
But I still manage to get some awesome giveaway for you guys tho.
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I will randomly choose the winner on next Sunday April 7st 2012
To enter this giveaway simply
- Become followers 
- Mention this giveaway on your blog or gallery
- Post comment to let me know that you wish to enter
*** all international are except ^_^ 

Last week winner Karen L
And the news is the new big smash book or SMASHfolio
Book size is 11" wide x 13.5" high

I was thinking about start to make moldboard so this one is totally perfect for me.
Let's take a look at some of the page I made.

This one is filled with really cute pages.

A lot of pattern paper are really fun.

Space that need to be filled.
Some cute pockets.

A page I filled with wash tape and glitter tape.

Have you seen their new washi tape ? 
It's totally cute !

So sorry about my horrible lighting ladies. 
All in the sudden today temperature drop to 40 F and get really cloudy.
Thank you for stop by.

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  1. Thanks for the chance to win Natt. Looks like you are going throught the same weather swings that we are having.

  2. awesome! Thanks for the chance... erm, I am already a follower, though... is that alright? :)

  3. Thank you for the giveaway! I have been a follower and love seeing your posts in my inbox. Be blessed, Kathy

  4. The new Smash tapes look fab! Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway. And Happy Easter :)

  5. what a yum giveaway....always love to see your giveaway especially those alphabeth stamp *FYI so hard to find the alphabeth stamp here*

    Anyway thx for sharing what is inside of the fantastic album from Smash...i have to buy it when it come up at my local store here...probably i have to buy it 2 or more!

    Yes completely falling in love with the washi tapes i have to buy it too

  6. Love what you've created here! Your pages look fab!

  7. I'm a lover of washi tape, but don't let myself get very much. I have to use what I have before I get more. I know, I know. Crazy. Thanks for the change to enter. Love the giveaway products.

  8. Thank you so much Natt...for your sweet comments over at my blog....What a great giveaways... Thank you so much for the chance...

    Love what you have created here.... Fabulous...
    Thank you so much!!!...

    P/S: I am your new follower too...xx