Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rockin' cold weather in sequin sweater.

Hellooooo ! How's everyone doing ?

It's so cold here in Provo and when it's cold it stay cold. Nothing like Denver that you can wear just a hoodie and be warm in winter.

So since I moved here I have to get some new stuff for my wardrobe and of course they need to make me look nice since I have to go out everyday. No more PJs or Lululemon sweat pants around town.

I usually just post  OOTD on my personal Facebook but since this outfit inspired by Kelly Purkey blog post. It would be nice to share them with you.

Last weekend I went to Jcrew in SaltLake city for the first time. A little bit disappointed but I managed it ^_^ While I was wandering around looking for something to purchase I came a cross this grey sequin sweater. Its only one left in large ( I usually wear extra small or XXsmall ) but its a really great deal ! 

And great deals always got me.

I bought it with out trying it on. Until I got home and realize it's too big.

Buts it's so comfy so I just gonna wear it anyway.

This how I wore it.

On top of Madewell tank top which is super long, legging, polka dot knee socks.


Its actually really comfortable and keep me warm. 
and I think I'm fall in love with sequin ...

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  1. Glad that you are doing well at your end! You are totally rocking that outfit gal! Love it to bits!

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  3. i love your sequin sweater nat