Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My favorite desert.

What make me happy when I have creative blog ?
Just a few bite of Fro-yo ( Frozen Yogurt )
Could make my creative juicy flowing and my mojo is back !
Does it need to be particular froyo place ?
Yes ! 
I have 2 favorite place Yogurtini and Red mango 
I love white peach favor at Red Mango and Melon at Yogurtini.
But the best atmosphere for me is Yogurtini because they are mint green all the over ! 
Even yogurt spoon !
On this layout I use Studio Calico Central High kit.


This kit comes with fun arrows mist able that I love very much.


and this embellish bubble.


I added wood veneer " Bliss " from Hey Day collection.


Thank you for stopping by everyone.
FYI : I've move d into a new place and still working on finding a perfect place to do tutorial.
Stay tune and I will do my best to find a good spot.

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