Thursday, May 3, 2012

All that colors !!

It's so super windy here today. I almost got blow away and my hair go tangled. 
Aughhh might be time to get a hair cut.
- - - -
Yesterday I took a break from sewing and make some cards. Just making card it's not fun enough so I challenge myself by using tone on tone color card.
"Miss you"
Emboss yellow on yellow wooden pattern .
" Hello" 
Red color on red Hello card. Do you miss Sasafras ?
 I very much do !! Thank you to Studio Calico that always put them on the kit.
Who doesn't love pink ? On this card I only use pink elements on it.
" Just wanna say Hi !"
Green wasn't mine favorite color until I walk out and hanged out at the park last week. Green grass some how cheer me up and  could see and staring at those green forever.
So here a card in shade of green

Thank you so much for stopping by. 
I will make a special trip to St.Gorge tomorrow to get something.
Soooooo excited !!

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  1. What gorgeous cards!!!

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  3. Such cool card, awesome!! :)

  4. You have such pastel eye! Love your pretty works :)